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I am a foreign medical student (Expected graduation date is March 2017). In the upcoming September I’ll be staying in Atlanta, GA, United states with my husband on F2 visa. He is doing a PhD on F1 Visa.
My question is: Can I do medical clerkships (clinical rotations) while I am on F2 visa?
In the regulations/limitations of F2 visa, I read that it is prohibited to work/have any paid employment or engage in a full time study while on F2 visa.
Here are the characteristics of medical clerkships, so that you can judge whether it is possible to do it on F2 visa on it or not:
1- It’s part of the united states medical school curriculum (4th year medical students curriculum ).
2- For them I am considered a foreign visiting student.
3- It’s not full time study (As I believe) because I am not officially studying/ registered at this university i.e: I am not registered for a full semester/full year study or any thing. For them I am just a visiting student allowed to engage in medical training for only one or two months.
4-It’s not a paid employment (In most of times I pay for the university so they accept me doing clinical training at the university hospital)
5-It’s not a residency program/ graduate medical education for which I need J1 visa.

My other batch mates have successfully done medical clerkships in US on B1 visa

Thanks in advance and thanks for the time you spent reading my question.
This is really a matter of concern for me and my husband cuz it will be very hard for me to get back to my home country and get a B1 visa and then come back to the united states to do medical clerkship.