Can sue a manager at DMV?

Hi, I came to the DMV to renew my driving license. I work at Northwestern, this is my 3rd year, and I am a permanent resident, but my card was lost and I did not receive a replacement yet. I have a stamp in my passport confirming that I have green card by a stamp which expires on Aug 2016. When I arrived to DMV the manager told that I must have a visa valid 6 month, and they can not accept my documents. When I was next to the counter, one of the employee said that they have to make sure that crap does not come to US to sell drugs and for prostitution. He said that they have to be especially careful with Ukrainian passports. A simple renewal of the passport turned out as a huge humiliation to me. I don’t think they were acting legally. He did not tell me his name, he said he is Tom. I’ve attached the copy of the stamp.

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