Wife filed a restraining order, A peaceful contact order was granted can she ignore me ?

Wife filed restraining order on me and made False accusations on DV restraining order, The judge granted a Peaceful Contact Restraining Order. I tried contacting her about the kids and she ignores text messages. She stated on RO that we made a agreement that I would have our son for 3 days after those 3 days that I did not want to return our son to her, She actually came and dropped him off to me and told me to take care of him on the 4th day she send me a message laughing at me stating how does it feel to ” TO NOT HAVE FREE TIME LOL LOL ” after this message she stated ” She wished she could fall asleep and crash because she does not belong in this world” 2 days later she popped up at my house and demanded him back I told her not until she calms down , she left my residence and got a restraining order against me and requested that her and our son be protected from me a officer came and took my son away from me and handed him over to her, I ┬áHave Proof of all these messages, Can she Ignore me when I try to contact her about our son and What can I do?

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